Step 2.1 : Create HTTP Adapter 

Before you proceed through this step, you have to prepare your JSON API. You have to create HTTP Adapter first to use with the JSON Adapter.

  1. Go to SSQUARE Adapter through http://YOURDOMAIN:8380/adapter e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. Select HTTP on sidebar 
  3. Click + to create a new HTTP adapter
  4. Define adapter name in Adapter Name field

  5. Enter HTTP Requests include parameter type, request URL, request method and connection timeout in Request Configuration section

** In this example, the JSON structure service is a POST method.

  1. Click Test Connection
  2. Enter HTTP Header (If needed) in Header Configuration section
  3. If authentication is required, select OAuth 2.0 from dropdown list of Authentication Type
  4. Authentication Configuration depends on grant type. If grant type is,

Password :
Enter Authen URL, Client Id, Client Secret, Username, and Password in Authentication Configuration section
Client Credentials : 
Enter Authen URL, Client Id, and Client Secret in Authentication Configuration section

  1. Click Test Authentication
  2. If test connection and authentication successfully, click Create