Create Services by Integrating Database with Excel

This part will examine integrating database with Excel and how to create services when you would use the database and excel nodes to retrieve the information from the database and generate it into an excel file.

Based on the previous part, you would know that there are five steps to create basic APIs. Beginning with designing the service functions and ending with publishing services, the details of each example step will be examined in the following parts.

Example of Integrating Database with Excel

For this example, we will assume that the customer needs a service function that would  select employees’ information from a database and export it into an excel file.

5 Easy Steps for Creating Services

Step 1 : Design Services
Step 2 : Create Adapter
Step 3 : Integrate Nodes
Step 4 : Test Services
Step 5 : Publish services in form of WSDL or RestAPI/JSON