Step 4 : Test Services

  1. Go to menu TESTING. Click CREATE TEST CASE to create new case
  2. Name your test case on TEST CASE popup. We recommend you to name a test case same as your service name. In this tutorial, a test case name is “testexcelexport”.
  3. Click CREATE
  1. Search your test case name on a search box
  1. Click OPEN TO RUN
  2. Click + to add service in SERVICE LIST panel
  3. Select service that you want to test then click DONE
  4. Click START to run a test
  5. Review output if it’s accurate
  1. Check at the excel file result at your configured server

If you complete these four steps, you could do the last step which is Step 5: Publish services in form of WSDL or RestAPI/JSON for setting up the services to ready to use.