Step 1 : Design Services

First of all, you have to design the main service flow and then will design the sub service flows. So, the main goal of our service is to send the confirmation email to employees and also generate the pdf file that retrieve data from the database. 

Main Service
Get information from database and show them, generate a pdf file, and sent the email

Sub Service

  1. Retrieve data from database and show the information
  2. Generate pdf file from the selected data
  3. Send the email to all receivers

After you know that you have to create three sub services, design each sub service step by step. So, you can fully concentrate on designing how your service functions including. See more details at Step 1: Design Services

  • Service description
  • Interface structure
  • Service flow and external systems integration 

Design Sub Service

We will use the services already created:

  1. Create Service to Select Data from Database
  2. Create Service to Send Email
  3. Create Service to Generate PDF File

Design Main Service

Service Description
Service name : testconfirmationemail
Description : retrieve data from database
Project : testservices

Interface Structure

Field NameData Type
Field NamePromote to Front-end
Map to FieldColumn Name (DB)
Sub FieldProcessprocess

Service flow and external systems integration
Database : MySQL Database
Database : Name test_apig
Database : Table tea

Design Service Flow

This part will design the function of the service into the flow diagram.

Main service flow

** In this example, we do not need to do Step 2 because the function need not to create adapters.