Step 3 : Integrate Nodes

  1. Go to menu SERVICE. Click CREATE SERVICE to start creating API Integration flow.
  2. Provide the following information on CREATE SERVICE popup

Service Name : testconfirmationemail
Package Class : test

  1. Click CREATE+ to create service flow
  1. Search your service name in SERVICE SEARCH box. Then, click SERVICE FLOW to start creating service flow.

To refer created adapter on node:

  1. Double click on Database Node to configure its properties
  1. Multi sub service condition:

    Before you create the sub service on the service board, if your role is superuser (See more details: Share Services with Other Users), you need to share those sub services first then the others will be able to access the services. However, if your role is developer, you need to get an access to allow to use the services then you will able to configure the service with those sub services. 
  1. Click DONE
  2. Click GENERATE