SSQUARE – APIs Generator

A practical, easy-to-use solution to develop APIs in minutes,
establishing services architect for business agility

Without APIs, the digital experiences would not be possible. API plays an important role in mobile, on web, and corporate applications, acting like a messenger that runs back and forth between back-end applications, databases, and services to access whatever data or information it needs in real time.

APIs can take many different shapes and forms in which developers have free range to structure their code – making further maintenance a lot painful. Integrating multiple data sources becomes another critical part of constructing a robust API as it requires highly skillful developers to assure its quality and performance.

SSQUARE API Generator is developed to handle the burdens, providing graphical user interface (GUI) wizards to simplify API development. With universal plugin adapters, integration with either legacy or newly advanced technology becomes absolutely easy to implement.

Key Features

S-Square simplifies and speeds up service development using intuitive GUI, enabling

Seamless integration

S-Square adapters allows you to connect with any data points to create a seamless flow of data you want to share to your

Quick development

With completed interface design or API specification, you can create an API in minutes

Accurate testing

Before exposing the API, you can use visualized built-in testing feature to ensure the accuracy of its functionality

A powerful API development platform that is smart, simple and fast.

Design capability behind
Spend more time on crafting functionality and
interface of each API to streamline implementation
Connect to capability
Unlock ability to connect with enterprise systems with a few clicks
Integrate infinite systems
Integrate a number of systems to ignite the power of the API with low coding required
Expose to public
Promote digital assets internally and externally in a matter of time