Workspace Segregation

One of the important concepts from SSQUARE API Generator (APIG) is the workspace segregation. Why is it important? Have you ever seen the poor management of users on the system? There are a lot of problems that are from inefficient management and some places have turbulence user management. For example, some developers accidentally delete other services or some edit the services without authorization.

Thus, this could be an obstacle to work with many users, so this SSQUARE API Generator (APIG) separates users into two types that are different from roles and duties to access SSQUARE Toolkit.

Roles of Users

Roles contain permissions for users individually to manage their services. In this section, you can define different user’s roles and user authorizations on SSQUARE Toolkit.

Type of users

  1. Superuser is a default user generated by the system in username “toolkit” which is able to login with multiple sessions.
    Other superusers created are able to login with a single session. Superusers can
    • Create developer account
    • Manage authorization to each account
    • Share and manage services for other developer accounts on Toolkit
  2. Developer accounts can be assigned on SSQUARE Admin and are able to login with a single session. Developer accounts can
    • Create their own service on Toolkit. To utilize other’s services as a sub service but required to contact Superuser to grant the permission.